Our Roots

Feedists for Fat Liberation began in Fall 2020 as a collective of like-minded feedists who felt that, for too long, feedism has ignored the call to fat liberation. In addition, this group felt that the negative perceptions of feedism in fat liberation spaces contributed to the lack of involvement of feedists in movement work. This group of liberation-minded feedists felt that it was time to begin seriously exploring how to integrate feedism and fat liberation, because both are naturally intertwined. We hosted our first community gathering in December 2021. The support and response from the feedist community was incredibly powerful. It was clear that there were countless other feedists aligned with this work. Our work is only just beginning, but we are proud of our roots!

FFL aligns all of our work and actions with the following guiding principles


Feedism and fat liberation are fundamentally connected with one another

Feedism cannot be enjoyed outside of fat liberation, and feedists are natural allies to the Fat Liberation movement. Envisioning a world where there is liberation for all must include feedist identifying people, and fat liberation offers a framework to support this.


Health has no bearing or involvement with this movement

We reject the medical-industrial complex and healthism in all forms. Health status has no bearing a person’s humanity and worth.


The most marginalized fat voices will be centered

This includes infinifat people, superfat people, sex workers, fat QTBIPOC, fat BIPOC, fat disabled, and fat queer voices.


Feedism and fat liberation intersect with other justice movements

In supporting greater understanding between feedist and fat liberation communities, we will take an intersectional approach that considers feedism/fat liberation as they intersect with other justice movements.


We recognize that each person has a story and that story is sacred

We will meet people where they are in their feedism/fat liberation journey.


We are committed to creating a space that is free from shame, judgement, hostility, coercion, and fear

We are committed to eliminating anti-fat bias/fatmisia in feedist spaces, while also working toward making fat liberation a feedist-positive space.

Meet FFL’s Organizing Team

Dozens of volunteers work on FFL project teams. Here are some of the folks currently serving on FFL’s 7- to 10-member core organizing team.


Isicera is a mixed, trans, queer, midfat, mutual gainer, neurodivergent artist of spirit. Although Isicera created content in the feedist community for decades, she self isolated in response to some of the less savory behaviors that showed up there. She got more involved in the fight for fat liberation in the last half decade, investing her skills in both art and organization for the greater good. Isicera approaches justice from the perspective that when people are oppressed, we are all denied access to the world in which people are empowered to share their gifts.


Jessica is a white, superfat, disabled, cisgendered butch lesbian who grew up around the USA. Feedist since early consciousness and fat since middle school during the mid-90s, she has been figuring out how to deal with internal and external anti-fat bias for several decades. Jessica found feedist community online in the early 2000s but was not a fan of non-consensual behavior. Seeking out liberation, she felt fat liberation spaces would not welcome her feedist identity, so she was thrilled to find FFL. Jessica is passionate about disability liberation and fat liberation. She loves to build community where we can work to conquer shame and support our liberation journeys together.


Ally is a superfat, neurospicy, disabled, queer cis woman with restricted access, taking up space in Kumeyaay land. As a lifelong fatty with chronic illnesses, Ally is no stranger to anti-fat bias – particularly in healthcare settings. She first discovered fat liberation in her late teens as she searched for resources to combat this. As she grew, she felt empowered to not only accept, but embrace her fatness and dove into the feedism community well over a decade ago. Ally hopes her work with FFL will help improve the day-to-day lives of fat people through advocacy, education, community building, and resource sharing.


David is a black, cis, straight feedist from the UK. Despite having feedist inclinations for as long as he can remember, it took him a long time to understand what being a feedist meant and it took meeting other feedists to truly acknowledge and embrace that part of his identity. Introduced to Fat Liberation through Sofie Hagen’s book ‘Happy Fat’ in 2019, David created the website ‘Growing Horizons’ to educate new feedists and bridge the gap between feedists and the fat liberation movement, which brought him into contact with FFL. Together with FFL, David is committed to smashing the stigma that exists around feedism outside of the community and building greater awareness of fat liberation within the community.


Wood is a queer nonbinary sex worker and weirdo. They have been working in the adult industry for over eight years and have been a part of the feedist community for even longer. Their first introduction to feedism was a stepping stone in healing from disordered eating and became a tool for their own self acceptance. Seeing how liberatory feedism could be for them, they wanted to share that experience with others. They created a podcast called ‘Wood’s Weird Wellness’ that documented the many diverse perspectives of people within this kink. They are passionate about the intersection of pleasure and activism. It’s their belief that the feedist community can only grow even stronger with a framework of fat liberation to guide them.


Becky (they/them) is a neurodivergent, genderqueer, polyam and pansexual feedist; a fantastically fat human. Ultimately they strive towards radical love both in their life and through action to improve the world. Feedism has struck a chord of importance in their life for generally as long as they can remember.

Beyond that some things they enjoy include improvisational cooking (and being very extra about it), absurd humor, the wide spectrum of colors in the universe, art museums, all fancy cheese, getting lost in nature, enjoying and finding resonance with a myriad of music, making art and creative writing, offbeat comics, and informing themselves and others in terms of fat liberation.


Juniper is a queer, polyamorous, kinky, neurodivergent, infinifat, disabled, nonbinary, transmasc nerd with a fervent excitement for his fellow humans and for fat liberation. Juniper began his open journey with feedism in 2019, since then he has found immense healing and love both from the feedist community and in his personal relationships. Through working with FFL, Juniper hopes to be able to help create the safe spaces he is so passionate about as well as broaden his knowledge of activism and community building.