Resources for Feedists and Fat Liberationists

FFL is committed to providing the feedism community with the resources we need to live within a fat liberation framework. From strategies for unlearning shame, to tips for navigating the world as fat people and feedists, to outlining why fat liberation is intertwined with other liberatory movements, these resources are designed to support our journeys.

FFL Position on Weight Mutability

As firm believers that there is no size at which a human being ought to be deprived of their human rights, FFL asserts that sizes change for people for all sorts of reasons, from diets to medication reaction to aging to voluntary weight gain. In none of these instances do people deserve to be discriminated against, and in all of them people should be treated with respect by virtue of their inherent humanity, not because they want to lose weight but can’t.

Conflict Resolution Toolkit

FFL’s Conflict Resolution Toolkit is intended to serve as a framework to guide FFL members through moments of conflict, so as to ensure that conflicts are an opportunity for growth. We recognize that conflict is a natural occurrence, and that oftentimes, conflict represents an unmet need. Through engaging in open conversations and holding ourselves and one another accountable, this may help mitigate conflict.

What is Fatphobia?

When we say fatphobia, what we’re talking about is anti-fat bias. Phobias are uncontrollable personal fears; anti-fat bias exists by design. For the purpose of this discussion, we will use the words interchangeably, but hope you will work to reframe anti-fat bias for what it is.

Being Open About Feedism

As feedists, we often have internalized shame about our sexuality. These tips and strategies can help feedists feel more comfortable with being open about our sexuality.

Releasing Fatphobia

We live in a society that teaches us to abhor fatness. These tips and strategies can help people unlearn and release fatphobia in all its forms.

Action Points

These action points can help feedists make fat liberation a reality within the feedist community.

Anti-Fat Bias in Healthcare

This blog post provides and overview of anti-fat bias in medical care along with tips on how to advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office.

Seating for Fat People

For the largest fat people, it can be a challenge to find adequate seating. Those who attended FFL’s mutual aid hangout shared great resources.