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By Feedists, for Feedists

We believe in creating a world where there is liberation for all. As feedists, we have a special commitment to fat liberation. Thank you for learning more about our movement!

Why Feedism + Fat Lib?

Understanding the basics is key to building the bridge between feedism and fat liberation


What is Feedism?

Feedism is a sexual interest in being fed or feeding, often extending to an interest in weight gain and fat. It’s commonly referred to as a kink, orientation, or lifestyle. Feedists often take on roles as feeders (encouraging and aiding weight gain) and feedees (gaining weight and being fed). This can be practiced as a reality or fantasy within relationships, casually, online, or by oneself. Many feedists are able to identify an early interest in feedism long before understanding sex, while many others are introduced to the concept as adults. For some, feedism is part of their sexual identity, while for others, it’s a fun way to enjoy kinky play. Feedism can incorporate aspects of other kinks and be incorporated into other kink play as well. Gender roles are not important within feedism, but there’s a strong emphasis within the community that weight gain and other sexual activity must always be consensual.


What is Fat Liberation?

Fat liberation is a social justice movement that works against anti-fat bias, oppression, and discrimination. Fat liberation is a radical alternative to body positivity – a movement based largely in appearance that is often appropriated by the mainstream – and affirms the value of all people, regardless of their weight or health. Fat liberation understands anti-fat bias and discrimination to have strong roots in anti-Black racism, colonialism, and classism, and that anti-fat bias and discrimination are routinely practiced without recrimination. Fat liberation seeks to identify and alleviate systemic anti-fat bias and individual prejudice, and to unlearn internalized fat bias and oppression. Fat liberation is a struggle tied to other intersectional struggles against oppression, and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with struggles against racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, and others. Fat liberation not only seeks to normalize fat bodies, but to celebrate them.


Why Combine the Two?

Feedism revolves around fatness. As a marginalized class, fat people are vulnerable to stereotyping and exploitation. Feedists have an obligation to examine any sexual interest that involves fat people, and to make sure that they are not reproducing the systems of oppression fat people experience. The online feedism community has often prioritized the sexual pleasure of feedists over the humanity of fat people, and this has led many fat people to view feedism skeptically or critically. As ethical feedists, we must seek to center the humanity of fat people within the community, and to understand that feedism not rooted in fat liberation runs the risk of dehumanizing the people we love and desire. Doing so will lead to more acceptance of the feedism community, especially among fat people. Our feelings of attraction toward fat bodies must coexist with a recognition that fat bodies exist in an oppressive and discriminatory system. Feedists have a special responsibility to do this, because fat is not just a kink. Other kinks can be put away, even concealed, after play, but fat people are not just fat in the bedroom. To ethically celebrate fat people during playtime, feedists must actively work toward their liberation.

Working in Community

FFL believes that uniting feedism and fat liberation needs to be done in community. We recognize the intense role that shame plays in the lives of many feedists. To help feedists explore this shame, FFL hosted an “Unlearning Cycles of Shame” workshop series. This brought together feedists from around the world to share our stories and develop strategies for working past shame and uniting feedism and fat liberation.

Working to Address Problematic Behavior by Feedists

FFL’s bold vision for the feedist community is to address toxic feedist behavior by creating a transformative justice framework, nurturing a culture of consent, establishing better practices for those operating online communities, and creating healing space. Read more…

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For Non-Feedists in Fat Lib

We invite you to set aside stereotypes and learn more about feedism here

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