The following action points were collectively developed at the February 20, 2021 Feedists for Fat Liberation (FFL) event to help people make fat liberation a reality in feedism.


  • A feedism community that doesn’t face access barriers to participating in fat liberation
  • Furniture that’s superfat-friendly; make spaces that are more accessible.
  • The place I go first is fighting for accessibility. I think the feedism sphere is so great for that.
  • Strap-ons that fit fat people. Communicates that fat people fit in this space.
  • Improve awareness of fat liberation in feedist spaces and make this information more accessible to people.
  • Information should be easy to digest and accessible.

Transformative Justice

  • Implement transformative justice strategies and systems in the feedism community to work with people who have committed harm and those who have been harmed.

Community Building

  • Feedist-friendly body work, massage, and physical therapy in a single place.
  • More “vetted” social hours for new people to engage with the intersection of feedism and fat lib.
  • Shame-free online or in-person event. How to control boundaries at different kinds of events. Starting point: choosing boundaries.
  • Do not focus on “bad actors.” Eliminate ignorance and stereotypes about feedism, show all positive aspects, and celebrate our community!
  • Come up with a list of community standards in the long run!
  • We choose the social norms that we socially enforce based on common understandings of behavior in our community.
  • Maybe a “tea time”/meet ‘n’ greet before having a FFL event? This can help with folks getting to know others and facilitate conversations easier. Helps break the ice too.
  • Having fat liberation being a part of more people’s profiles. Make it obvious that that’s a desirable quality.
  • Feedist spaces acted and operated and skill-shared the way that the best of the other kink spaces skill shared. Being safe.
  • Open mic night for feedists where people can show how they interpret feedism personally. Will help people see the creative individual elements and will help challenge the norm.


  • Writing up what we have learned from our FFL group meetings about how to improve the community!
  • Definitions of what people are into so you can have an idea of what people would like. Having classes to educate people about different aspects of feedism.
  • Better feedist PR.
  • Make a feedism/fat liberation ‘zine!
  • Set up workshops aimed at learning about and working through other social problems that impact feedism (misogyny, racism, etc.).
  • Have a specific discussion platform/group to have feedism/fat lib