Anti-Fat Bias

Anti-Fat Bias and the Holidays: How to Navigate the Season

It’s safe to say that there is a lot of pressure for things to feel celebratory during the holidays. But as many fat people know, the holidays can be a minefield of uncomfortable feelings and awkward interactions. The season may be merry, but it’s also rife with diet culture, food guilt, and anti fat bias.

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What is Fatphobia?

When we say fatphobia, what we’re talking about is anti-fat bias. Fatphobia is the more common expression because it’s cribbed from the same linguistic conventions that resulted in the hatred of queer people being called “homophobia.” Phobias are uncontrollable personal fears; anti-fat bias exists by design. For the purpose of this discussion, we will use

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Tips & Strategies for Releasing Fatphobia

The following tips and strategies were collectively developed at the February 6, 2021 Feedists for Fat Liberation (FFL) event to help people unlearn and release fatphobia in all forms. Curate media intake, follow a bunch more fat people and don't disproportionately populate with thin media Catch people when they're being good. and give positive feedback.Catch

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