Risk Aware Consensual Kink for the Feedist Community

Feedists for Fat Liberation promotes the principles of risk aware consensual kink (RACK) within the feedist community. To that end, FFL held its first RACK workshop in September 2021. The goals for these workshops are: To increase awareness of the RACK framework within the feedist community; To empower feedists to identify and understand their boundaries

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Bold Goals: FFL Works to Address Problematic Behavior by Feedists

In our culture, sexuality has been cemented as a private, taboo aspect of life. From birth, we are socialised by those around us, the media, and the systems in place to adhere to a narrow definition of sexuality. We have had to fight to unlearn this heteronormativity and fight for our right to express ourselves

2022-06-19T22:46:26+00:00June 19th, 2021|Feedism|

Introducing FFL to Non-Feedist Fat Liberationists

Feedists for Fat Liberation is a non-hierarchical international organising group working toward justice, equality, and liberation for all fat people. Our group comprises a core organising team and an active base of around 20-30 participants and members, all of whom are involved in the feedism community in some capacity. We are based globally and have

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Tips & Strategies for Removing Barriers to Being Open About Your Feedist Sexuality

The following tips and strategies were collectively developed at the January 23, 2021 Feedists for Fat Liberation (FFL) event to help people feel more comfortable with being open about their feedist sexuality. Work with a therapist Attend FFL events Establish communication about what to reveal and when to reveal it Accepting that you cannot change

2021-04-06T17:21:07+00:00March 29th, 2021|Feedism|


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